Vendor Guidelines (Oakland Location Only)

Harborside exclusively accepts medicine from legally qualified patients who are cultivating in accordance with California law and have signed our collective cultivation agreement.

We have the highest standards for medical cannabis; please do not be discouraged if you do not sell us your medicine the first time. Many people try several times before succeeding, please keep coming back.

As a purchasing department in an ever-changing market, we choose not to suggest specific strains to grow. By the time you get the genetics, flower, cut, and cure, you may be looking at a very different market.

Purchasing Hours

Mon - Fri: 11am-2:45pm and 4pm-5pm
New Vendors welcome anytime during Purchasing Hours.

Dear Vendors,
Please note that we are not buying any Sungrown flowers for the foreseable future. We will update this site as the circumstances change.
Thank you.

Voucher Payments:

Mon - Fri: 11am-6pm

Clones Purchasing Hours

Monday - Friday: By appointment only

Basic Product Requirements


  • Minimum 1lb (454gr) per variety. Purchase price is calculated by gram so exact weights are not necessary.
  • Medicine grade is determined by grow style (indoor/outdoor), bud size, trim, cure, potency and overall quality of the medicine.
  • Harborside Purchasing accepts medicine of all grades as determined by price. To get the best price, present your highest grade of material (i.e. grade the shake/smalls out).
  • We are less likely to need very common varieties but please view our online menu to see what we typically carry. We are always looking for exotic, unique, new and different varieties.
  • Cash payment in 7-10 days pending mold testing.


  • Minimum of 50gr for standard material of any type (cold water hash, solvent concentrates), 30gr for boutique material of exceptionally high quality.
  • Kief is not accepted. Material should come in bulk unless branded & pre-packaged (see below).
  • Solvent concentrate producers are highly encouraged to have Residual Solvent Analysis done at Steep Hill Lab before coming to see us. Current acceptable threshold is 500ppm (though most material Harborside carries is below 200ppm).
  • Branded materials must meet internal Harborside marketing standards, i.e. no potentially offensive names or imagery.

Edibles, Topicals & Tinctures

  • All edibles, topicals and tinctures must arrive for consideration shelf-ready, and meeting all standards for medical cannabis edible labeling and packaging in the state of California.
  • Additions to these lines are being considered for early 2016.
  • 5-10 samples of your product should be brought with upon visiting, but will only be taken if there is serious consideration. Evaluation period typically takes a month.

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