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The Harborside Index

At Harborside we believe there's vastly more to Cannabis than a numerical representation of its THC content; and that's why we've created the Harborside Index (HI).

The HI is a 0-100 point quality rating that acknowledges and respects the various nuances and complexities of the Cannabis plant. The HI evaluates single harvest flowers on a combination of key criteria including: potency, aroma, flavor profile, color, flower structure, and anticipated effects to the degree we are able (and is realistic).

While today's focus on "celebrity strains” can be warranted, shopping solely by "strain name" is unfortunately not always in our valued customer's best interest.

Cannabis is at its core an agricultural product, and as such, individual harvests of the same strain can be vastly different depending on things as varied as: the mastery of the growers, the climate that harvest experienced, the curing process ... and the list goes on and on. The HI acknowledges all of these factors and much more.

Accompanying The HI's numerical rating are detailed tasting notes. Together, this quantitative and qualitative information will help you identify the right harvest, of the right strains for your particular needs and desires.

The HI Scores In Summary.

96-100 - “Reserve"
Cannabis of this score is extraordinary. It is worth a special effort to find, purchase, and consume. While there are big differences between a 96 and 99, both are exceptional.

90-95 - “Top Shelf"
Very good to vastly above average. It would be challenging to find something wrong with the flowers.

80-89 - “High Grade"
Average cannabis that is proficiently grown, harvested, and cured. It would be the equivalent to a B in school. Cannabis at this score is not only good; many of the flowers are very good deals. While an 89 is much better than an 80; cannabis receiving a score between 80 and 89 is usually very pleasant.

79 and Below - “Mid and Low Grades"
The Harborside Index does not currently review cannabis that would earn a 79 or below only because we do not feel it would meet the desires of the discriminating consumer. But ultimately, the only rating system that matters is yours.

What you personally like and meets your needs is what matters most to us. And this is why Harborside is committing to providing you with a curated collection of only the best cannabis and cannabis related products you can buy … at a variety of prices.

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