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Coming Soon: A New Harborside Rewards Program.

We are preparing to launch a new and improved rewards program designed to let you, our loyal customers, enjoy more rewards more quickly; as well as:

  • Earn points on every purchase.

  • Track your points and status online.

  • Redeem points for products and merchandise in-store and online.

  • Enjoy new, bigger, and better benefits the longer you shop with us.

  • Harborside Rewards Program

    What You Can Expect

    It’s Just like your favorite hotel, airline, or coffee program, except Harborside Rewards is designed to get you more rewards and benefits more quickly.

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    The new program will work just like your favorite hotel, airline, or coffee program ... except Harborside Rewards is designed to get you more rewards and benefits more quickly.

    From your very first purchase in the new Harborside Rewards, you will collect reward points with every dollar you spend. Then you redeem your points for discounted items from our Staff’s hand picked list of their favorite Harborside products.

    Our rewards program is comprised of 6 different levels: White, Green, Silver, Gold, Patinum, and Black.

    As you continue to shop with Harborside, you earn different levels. Each level comes with its own rewards and ever increasing benefits. For example, Green Level members earn 7 points for every dollar they spend ... but Gold Level Members earn 10 points for every dollar they spend!

    We're Sure You Have Questions.

    The new adult use regulations prevented us from launching the new rewards program. We are adjusting and making changes to adapt the Program to the new regulations and will launch in the first qurter of 2018. All customers who were already enrolled in the rewards program will have their points applied to the new program when it launches.

    We are always looking for better ways to serve you. The new Rewards Program will enable you to use their points online and in the store. It is also designed to better reward our regular customers.

    All of your existing points will be converted to your new account when you sign up for the program after it's launched. Accounts that are not used for 6 months will be considered abandoned and will lose all their points.

    You earn points from making purchases, and redeem these points for free Harborside products and merchandize. You can also move to higher tiers, depending on how frequently you earn points. Higher tiers earn more points for every dollar spent. We will post more information in this page as it develops.

    Nope. But why wouldn’t you? We want to reward your participation, and it doesn’t cost you anything,

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