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Holistic Healing

Dear Harborside Holistic Patient,
Harborside is proud and delighted to have provided free holistic healing services for the past twelve years. Over that time, we have helped thousands of patients reach those services.

Healing people through mind, body and spirit continues to drive our ethics and culture, but massive shifts brought on by legalization have forced us to rethink our approach to holistic services. Increasing competition, stringent new regulations, and an almost complete lack of enforcement against unlicensed competitors have increased our costs, while reducing the average purchase size. As a result, we are no longer provide completely free holistic services.

We are working with our healers to develop an affordable, low-cost fee-based service that will allow us to continue providing holistic healing services, and will update you with details as they are worked out.

All changes became effective August 1, 2018. We encourage you to speak with your individual holistic healer for more details or questions. On behalf of Harborside, it’s been our pleasure to serve you!.

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