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Holistic Healing

Harborside has historically provided free services to all members of our collective. With the advent of adult-use cannabis, we will not be able to continue providing free services to all of our customers. In continuation with the spirit of healing and generosity we will continue to provide free holistic services to our anyone who has previously used these services. You will continue to need a valid state issued ID that shows you are 21 or older in order to come into the premises. pleas espeak with a service agent to schedule an appointment.

Holistic Healing Services are available at our Oakland location. Click on any of the Service titles below to see a full description.

Accupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
with Nubian Flunder
Wednesdays, 11am - 7pm
Sundays, 12pm - 6pm

Alexander Technique
with Lenka Fejt
Sundays, 11pm - 12pm
Thursdays, 10am - 11am

with Dianna Stone
Saturdays, 4pm - 8pm

with Gweneth "Rose" Dietrich, CCHT
Thursdays, 11am - 3pm

with Dr. Vera Singleton
Mondays, 3pm - 7pm

Qigong and Tai Chi
with Norma Austin
Mondays, 3pm - 4pm

with Ewa Litauer or Laurel Kadish
Mondays, 11am - 3pm

Western Herbalist
with Dixie Pauline or Lizanne Deliz
Saturdays 11am - 4pm

with Yelena Krasnov
Tuesdays, 11am - 3pm
Mondays, 6:15pm - 7:45pm

For a listing of the various services offered to our members, see the Calendar of Services.


The healing room in our Oakland location.

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