Harborside Rewards Program

The Harborside Rewards Program allows our recurring patient to benefit from their loyalty by offering a variety of select items at a special value when exchanged for reward points.

How the rewards program works

Whenever you make a purchase, you collect 1 reward point for every dollar you spend. You can redeem these points towards select items. The complete list of Reward Items is listed below and we will update it regularly.

Best of all, your points are attached to your profile, so you don’t need to maintain a rewards card. If you wish to find out your rewards point balance, or redeem them for an online order, please call our customer service representatives.

Please note that reward items may not be returned or exchanged for cash, points, or another product.

*Offers good only while supplies last. Cannot be combined with industry, senior, or veteran discounts.

Harborside Lighter
20 points Harborside Lighter regularly $2
HLT Brownie
110 Points HLT Brownie regularly $8
Solio Gem Drop
110 points Solio Gem Drop regularly $12
SunGrown Eighths
130 Points Trichome Lozenge regularly $8
Sun Grown Ounces
150 points Harborside Blend Pre-Rolls regularly $10
SunGrown Eighths
200 points SunGrown Jar gram regularly $14
Harborside Battery Pen
200 points Harborside Pen Battery regularly $15
Sun Grown Ounces
240 points 1 Clone regularly $12
SunGrown Eighths
250 points Bhang Bar CBD regularly $14
Sun Grown Ounces
280 points Bubbleblend Pre-Rolls regularly $18
Harborside Cartridge
500 points HHC Gold Drop Cartridge regularly $30
Sun Grown Eighths
700 points SunGrown Jar Eighth regularly $45
Clear Concentrate
900 points Clear Concentrate regularly $60
Top Shelf Eighths
1100 Points Harborside Top Shelf Eighth regularly $55
Reserve Eighths
1200 Points Harborside Reserve Eighth regularly $60

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