Patient Registration and Caregiver Registration Terms and Conditions

Harborside is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary, and has been organized in full compliance with all State of California, City of Oakland, and City of San Jose laws and regulations. We place a high priority on protecting the legal rights of all Harborside patients. In order to provide both the patients and staff of Harborside with the greatest possible degree of legal protection, we request that you read following before registering with Harborside.

Harborside is a project of the Patients' Mutual Assistance Collective Corporation (PMACC), a not-for-profit organization. PMACC is composed entirely of legally qualified medical cannabis patients and caregivers who have chosen to collectively and cooperatively associate with each other in order to more effectively provide for their health care needs, including but not limited to, the cultivation of medical cannabis (CA H&S Cd. 11362.775). By signing the Patient Registration or Caregiver Registration Agreement Form and by entering your medical cannabis identification number into the Harborside database, or that of the person you are caring for, you are stating your agreement and intention to associate with other Harborside members, and to faithfully follow and obey all Harborside rules and regulations as outlined in the patient orientation package.


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