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The Harborside Rewards Program.

Our new and improved rewards program is now live. This program is designed to let you, our loyal customers, enjoy more rewards more quickly, as well as::

  • Earn points on all Harborside purchases.

  • Track points and level online.

  • Redeem points for products and merchandise online.

  • Enjoy new, bigger, and better benefits for continuing to shop with us.

  • Harborside Rewards Program

    What You Can Expect

    It’s Just like your favorite hotel, airline, or coffee program, except Harborside Rewards is designed to get you more rewards and benefits more quickly.

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    The new program works just like your favorite hotel, airline, or coffee program ... except Harborside Rewards is designed to get you more rewards and benefits more quickly.

    From the moment you register for the new Harborside Rewards, you collect reward points with every dollar you spend. Then you redeem your points online for discounted items from our Staff’s hand-picked list of their favorite Harborside products.

    Our rewards program is comprised of 6 different levels: White, Green, Silver, Gold, Patinum, and Black.

    As you continue to shop with Harborside, you earn different levels. Each level comes with its own rewards and ever increasing benefits. For example, Green Level members earn 7 points for every dollar they spend ... but Gold Level Members earn 10 points for every dollar they spend!

    We're Sure You Have Questions.

    You earn points from every purchase you make, and can redeem these points for free and discounted Harborside products and merchandize with any online purchase for Pick Up or Delivery. You can also move to higher tiers, depending on how frequently you earn points. The higher tiers earn more points faster with every purchase made.

    To participate in the rewards program, simply place an online order for pick up or delivery. You can also check you point balance and redeem rewards while shopping online.

    To access the rewards program:
    1. Go to our Oakland or San Jose menu.
    2. Select "Loyalty" from the top-right corner menu.

    In this menu you will see your point balance, current tier level, and points you earn per dollar. You will also see the rewards that are available to you
    Loyalty Navigation

    The levels are achieved based on the number of points you earned during the previous 90 days. Each higher level earns more points for every dollar spent in the dispensary as illustrated in this chart:
    Rewards Program Levels Chart

    To redeem a reward you need to place an online order. Simply go to the list of available rewards here (you need to log into the cart), click on the reward itself and select "Redeem".
    Rewards function like coupons for discounts on specific items, so you also need to select and add the item to be discounted to your shopping cart; after all, you may need to select which flavor or strain you want.
    Please note that the discount will not be applied until you pick up the item, or at the time of delivery.

    If a customer doesn't shop with us in more than 6 months (180 days), the account is considered abandoned and all the points expire. You might have received a text message indicating your account is about to be considered abandoned if you haven't made a purchase in more than 170 days. To avoid the expiration of your rewards points, place an order of any ammount before the expiration date.
    If you maintain your account standing, your points do not expire.

    We are always looking for better ways to serve you. The new Rewards Program enables you to use your points online and in the store. It is also designed to better reward our regular customers.

    California regulations on Cannabis products has multiple taxes, some of which based on the cost of the product and must be paid by the consumer and listed on the receipt. Regulations also prevent us from offering any free cannabis products.

    The Rewards Program official was officially launched July 9, 2018.

    All of your legacy points have been converted to your new account. Accounts that have not been used for 6 months are considered abandoned and forfeited all their points.
    When the progrm launched on July 9, every account was audited to reflect your actual purchases, if you still have questions about your account balance, please use this form to let us know, and we will audit your account.

    The rewards point balance that was available during the beta testing of the program has been recalculated based on youe actual purchases. Your previous balance might have been showing on error. If you would like us to review your account please let us know this form.

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