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Adult-Use Sales in Harborside

Harborside is now licensed to sell cannabis to adults without a medical recommendation.
To learn more about what to expect, we've put together an FAQ to answer some of your questions.

The Harborside Index

To help find your perfect flower, we present to you the Harborside Index (HI) a 0-100 point quality rating that evaluates single harvest flowers on: potency, scent, flavor profile, color, flower structure, and to the degree we are able (and which is realistic) anticipated effects. Learn more.

The Cannabis Manifesto

Steve DeAngelo's and the Cannabis Manifesto

The Cannabis Manifesto is both a call to action and a radical vision of humans' relationship with this healing but controversial plant. Steve DeAngelo presents a compelling case for cannabis as a wellness catalyst that must be legalized...

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View a mini Documentary on the Cannabis Manifesto

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Harborside Oakland

1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606

(888) 994-2726

LIC# A10-17-0000041

Harborside San Jose

1365 North 10th St
San Jose, CA 95112

(888) 994-2726

LIC# A10-17-0000023

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